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Finally an online art class that is fun, educational and only requires you to hit play
You get a FREE hour each week while Sketch it teaches art class
Do you struggle to find fun and educational screen time for your kids that actually keeps their attention?

With Sketch it You Get:

  • Engaging and Fun Art Projects 
  • Right Brain Stimulation
  • ​Real Art Skills
  • ​An Hour of Free Time 
So you get more time for yourself ... 
and your kids get an hour each week to be creative and learn a new skill
You may not be very good at math either but at least you have a teaching textbook. But Art is very different.  Art is not easy to learn and there really isn't an easy way to teach it if you are not an artistic person. So, unfortunately, most parents just don't try and that is a problem as our kids are the ones who suffer.
Are you stimulating the creative right brain?
We all want our children to have a well-rounded education that develops both sides of the brain. The left side of the brain focuses on math, reading, and writing (the digital brain). The right side of the brain is the creative, artistic side and focuses on imagination, visualization and is less organized (the analog brain).
Let an experienced teacher handle art class
My curriculum teaches real art principles and uses watercolors, oil pastels, chalk pastels, and colored pens and pencils. My students get to showcase their creativity and utilize the right side of their brain. I love seeing the joy on my kiddos faces when they realize they have created something amazing that they thought was impossible.
It took years of teaching until I discovered the secret...
Kids love this unique teaching method that encourages creativity,
keeps them engaged and makes art fun
Hi, I'm Robin and when I started my teaching career almost 15 years ago l struggled like most art teachers do with making my projects fun, engaging and something that would keep my students attention.  I could see a lot of them just going through the motions and focusing on anything but my lesson!
The teaching methods I was taught in school just didn't work and my kiddos were the ones suffering.
Then one day at a teachers convention in Anaheim I met another teacher and what she showed me really changed it all for me. She showed me this unique way of teaching that I had never heard of before.

When I got back home I made a few tweaks after a little trial and error I started seeing amazing results.  I could see that my kiddos were really into it too.  They were having fun, being creative and producing these amazing pieces of art.

choose the best option for you.
We have over 100 videos in our membership area. Perfect for ages 5-15.
Full Lessons
4 separate instructional videos (45-60 minutes) that will focus on completing one art project by the end of the 4 lessons.  We have 4 difficulty levels so you can find the perfect fit for your child.
Mini lessons
Our mini lessons are shorter (30 minutes) and simpler than the full lessons. These are perfect if you just want a quick lesson that will provide a finished piece of art by the end of the video
watercolor lessons
These lessons are 45 minutes long and use only watercolor paints, whereas our full and mini lessons utilize  oil pastels, chalk pastels and colored pens and pencils. 
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Pick the art class that is right for you or choose all 3 and gain access to over 100 lessons.  Inside the members area you can sort by course difficulty.
You will receive access to our members area that has over 100 videos for kids ages 6-14.  We also provide the Amazon links to refill any supplies.
We will bill you monthly for access to the instruction videos.  There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime.  
zero risk 30 Day Money BAck Guarantee
if you are not 100% satisfied you will get a full refund
If you purchase today and for any reason are not satisfied with sketch it, I will immediately issue you a full 100% refund.  No questions asked.

You get 30 days from the date of your purchase to evaluate Sketch it and see if it is right for you.  Just email me and I will issue you a full and complete refund right away.  Furthermore, you can cancel your monthly billing at any time.  You are not locked in to any contract.  
but what do our customers think...
Because of Robin, my boys have become little artists! Their creativity and love for art has flourished under her instruction. Not only do they create their own amazing masterpieces in a meaningful way, but they have learned to value and enjoy the works from classic artists, as well.
- Jenny C.
Robin is a master at teaching art. Not only is she incredibly talented herself, but has a way of bringing out the best in her students. My daughter Alexis never liked art before. But after being in Mrs. Joyce's class she now loves art.

- sam L.
My son's art hobby has turned into a true love of his. The skills he has as acquired through Sketch It have increased his abilities, his creativity and improved his confidence. Not to mention it is a fun experience!
- shawnee c.
I have never thought of myself as creative in any way, but somehow Robin brought out my inner artist. Her energy and enthusiasm made her classes FUN, and her clear (and patient) instruction gave me the joy of success!

As a former teacher, I would have Robin in my classroom any day; as a homeschool mom, even more so! Highly recommend! 

- kim a.
frequently asked questions
But my child has art art class in school.  Why do I need to pay for more art?
The quality of art education is at an all-time low with many districts simply teaching arts and crafts and calling it art. 

Is your child getting the creative development their brain needs or are they just getting arts and crafts time that does not grow their creative right brain?
What kind of supplies do I need to have? How much will they cost?
We will provide you a list of all the art supplies you will need, many of which you most likely already have.  

I would expect to spend between $25-$40 on supplies that will last you a full year.  We also provide you the option to purchase a box of all the supplies you will need for a full year 
So I am billed each month? Am I locked into an agreement? 
Yes, we are a subscription based business and you will be billed each month for access to our video content.

But you are not locked in to an agreement and can cancel at any time with no further charges.  Email robin@getsketchit.com with any questions or to cancel your subscription.
How often do you update your content?
We have over 100 videos in our members across all our teaching modules and are filming new videos regularly.  

If you have any ideas for a type of content you would like to see or an idea of a project please let us know by sending an email to robin@getsketchit.com.
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